whats th best battery I can use to complete my home solar power set. I need an around 40ah battery.

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 Wld I get a similar or better performance using a vehicle battery instead of a solar one of the same capacity. I only hev access to shops selling exide , pleasure batt, raylite and duceliar bateries. Please rank them for me so I can make wiser preferences on which one to buy


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    arAre you in the Campania region of Italy?

    In general, automotive batteries can only be discharged by ~15% daily (to 85% State of Charge). If you try to take an automotive battery to 75% to 50% State of Charge daily--The automotive battery will typically not last long (weeks to months?).

    Deep cycle batteries have thicker plates that hold up better during repeated deep cycling.

    Also, how have you decided that you need a 40 AH (at 12 volts?) battery for your application? That is a fairly small battery (and can be difficult to find a true deep cycle battery in that small of capacity).

    There are Marine/RV type batteries--They are not really deep cycle either.

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    Okay  thanks, I'm in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe. But  I can get into SA Mussina town so I don know if I can get the marine/RV type. On the capacity issue 45ah would b too small, I agree a 100ah wld do better in my case. Incase i cant get those two which one wld b better among these :- pleasure batt, exide, ducelier and raylite 
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