Solar Edge & Sunny Island

rustysolarrustysolar Registered Users Posts: 3
will solar edge and sunny island(s) work together?



  • inetdoginetdog Solar Expert Posts: 3,123 ✭✭✭✭
    Not really well. The SE will not respond proportionately to the throttle down signal from the SB, and so the SE will just keep cranking out power until the SB raises the frequency high enough that the SE shuts down completely for at least five minutes.
    SMA SB 3000, old BP panels.
  • dehvdehv Registered Users Posts: 5
    I find the same using a Fronius Primo and Sunny Island with AC coupling. It just shuts off (fronius) when then battery gets up to a certain voltage - then its 5 minutes grid test, and another few minutes for other tests.... and repeat.
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