i want to connect 150 watt panel to the bettery

Which bettery i would select? Panal gives 21 v and i want to get power at night by better
Can u suggest me better and hall connection 


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    you need to tell us the loads you will put on the battery, such as lights.  The loads you wish to use is the place to start...

    You will also need a charge controller  and possibly an inverter

    hope this helps.
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    As Westbranch suggests--Start with your AC loads first. You need to understand them first, then we can help you size a system that will meet your needs.

    Also, even though solar panels are a cheap as they ever have been, once you add AC inverter, charge controllers, battery bank, and such--Solar power gets expensive. Anything you can do do conserve your own power usage, will help reduce the size and out of pocket costs of your off grid/backup power system.

    Remember that batteries last ~3-8 years (typical). And that Inverters and Charge Controllers (electronics) will last about 10+ years--So do not forget those maintenance costs too.

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