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I have not use our 1000 watt Honda generator yet to charge a battery. We recieved the cord that was out of stock today and was readying about charging the battery. In reading I noticed that there is a pop out buttom on the generator that will pop out if there is a problem, but not sure if the Honda has a built in regulator that cuts off when the battery is fully charged? The cord that came today plugs into the generator/ with aligator clips on the other end, but the booklet that came with the generator is not clear about the charging for the battery.


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    Re: charging battery

    that pop out button is a breaker i would imagine.
    i don't know if they'd have a regulator in there for 12v battery charging as i don't know if it even is 12v capable, but i'll assume by how you talk here that it provides 12vdc. maybe somebody else out there with one can chime in with that info.
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    Re: charging battery

    I suspect the generator's battery charger is a dumb charger and not a multi-stage smart charger. Since the charger could be used to recharge gel batteries, I also suspect that the output voltage is less than 14 V, so it'll take a while to fully recharge a flooded-cell deep cycle battery. While it's probably better than nothing, the built-in charger is not likely to be substiture for a quality multi-stage charger.

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    Re: charging battery

    The eu2000i owners manual says the DC charging is unregulated (designed for charging an automotive battery only) and that you must turn ECO Throttle OFF (run at high RPM--will be a fuel hog)...

    Sounds like the best bet for long term charging of a battery bank--get a real 120 VAC multi-stage battery charger that will run on your euX000i generator.

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    Re: charging battery

    Thanks so much for your help. I felt that I would probably have to buy a charger also.
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