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Replaced two AC outdoor lights with two 7W Sunthin 12 V LED bulbs running off a 12 V lead acid RV battery being charged by a 50W Renology solar panel and the 10 amp charge controller that came with it. Wire gauge is never less than 14 AWG and the longest run is about 60 feet so voltage drop shouldn't be a problem. The set up worked great for the first two months but recently the light farthest from the battery started flickering constantly when on. It also makes a hissing noise when you are close to it. The wires run from the controller and then split to go to each of the two lights. Closer one is still working fine. I have also switched bulbs and the fixtures but still having the problem. I'm guessing a loose connection but I was wondering if there were any other ideas as to why the bulb might suddenly start flickering.


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    if they are AC lights what inverter do you have? BB may have some thoughts too...
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    If you swapped lights, and the problem stayed with the light at the far end of the string--It sounds like an electrical wiring problem. With a 0.7 amp load and 60 feet of 14 AWG wiring, you would have about a 0.2 volt drop... Not a lot.

    Is there another load out there on the long wire run?

    If all other 12 volt loads are turned off/disconnected from the battery--Does the one light still flicker?

    When the light is on and flickering, go to the various points where you can access the wiring and give it a jiggle/tug. See if you can alter the flickering. If you are hearing noise, I would worry that you have an electrial short or partial connection. 12 volts is about the point where it would be hard to sustain an arc/arc fault--So not sure that would be it.

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    Thanks for your help guys. Finally dug up the wire and found a nick near the base of the light pole from when we dug holes for the new poles. Must have just taken a while to corrode.
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