Problem with led strip on controler

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Hi. I have bought soral controler (ep solar ls1012), battery 12V/18ah, 50w solar panel and led stip 14w/m. Problem is that battery has lose voltage controler turn off led strip. But then after one second turn led strip back again and than after another minute turn off again and this work for ever. I try whit new panel, new controler, new battery and new strip. What can i do to resolve this?


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    Welcome to the forum Blazkom.

    Lets see what we can do here... First, do you have a DC volt meter?

    If so, can you measure the voltages for me at:
    • Solar Panel input to controller (under sun sometime between 09:00 and 15:00 no shading--See if panels are working)
    • Measure the Battery voltage at the controller (tell me if sun is up, battery charging, at night or what)
    • Measure the Battery voltage at the battery terminals (see if good connection from controller to battery)
    • Measure voltage at the load/LED connection terminals (is voltage on/off with LEDs? Or are LEDs cycling with good DC power)?
    For many people, their first problem is an almost dead battery:
    • 10.5 volts or less--Battery dead and probably will never work well again
    • 11.5 volts under load--Battery at 50% or less state of charge--Need to recharge right away
    • 12.7 volts or greater (no load)--Battery near 100% full charge
    • 14.2 to 14.4 volts (for sealed battery, >14.5 volts for flooded cell) Battery is charging (need to hold for 2-6 hours to reach 100% state of charge).
    By looking at the voltages we can see if your battery system is performing well or not.

    A 50 watt panel will output around:
    • 50 Watts / 17.5 volts Vmp = 2.86 Amps Imp (current maximum power)
    And this time of year, for Slovenia (guessing) around 4.5 hours of sun per day:
    • 2.86 amps Imp * 4.5 hours of sun = 12.87 AH per day (July)
    With a "dead" 18 AH battery, it would take about two days of full sun (and no loads) to fully recharge:
    • 18 AH / 12.87 AH per day = 1.4 days of full sun + around 2-6 more hours of (absorb time)--Holding at ~14.4 volts or so to fully charge
    Note, for longer battery life, try not to discharge very often below ~50% state of charge. And if discharged, get the battery recharged pretty quickly--Don't let it sit discharged for days/weeks/months at a time... The batteries will "sulfate" and become scrap.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    I think the Blazkorn has this question about an LED light strip?
    Not to long ago, I experienced the same thing with my LED light strips.
    But when I turned on my second strip or an extra load the cycle/blinking stopped.
    I measured my batteries at that time the blinking started and it was about 14.1 volts. If the voltage was about 13.6 volts or lower there was no blinking.
    Looked to me that over voltage will turn those Led's off and on or make them very dim when blinking, since they are for 12 volts.
    I bought an buck inverter to lower the voltage to 13 volts to the LED strips.
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