Deep well pump suggestion

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My neighbor is getting ready to change out his well pump to one that he can run from his off-grid solar inverter.
It is a 3" well, 180' of casing, and the current well pump (220v) hangs at 80' in the casing.
It pumps into an 80 gallon, 50psi storage tank.

The reason he wants to change it is because right now he has to run the generator once a day to produce the 220v that the current pump requires to fill his tank.

He would like to not have to do that anymore and just run it from his inverter ( VFX3648 ). However, that only produces 110V 60hz.
I know we could just get the X240 transformer, and may still do that, but not really sure how efficient the current pump is.
I don't know the brand of the current pump.

Thoughts and suggestions anyone?
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