Flojet 4300 alternatives?

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I have the above pump in my seasonal home. I have noticed that it is leaking from the body....I believe this is a maintenance issue and am going to remove it and take to a shop as I botch this kind of repair too often and the other half gets real cranky without running water.
My first thought was just to buy a duplicate for $170 US (I got it from Nemo and it has run for about 5 years for our 6 month season) and just swap out, always having a spare. May still do this, but I started surfing and see there are more options out there...how about some advice from users?
My set up is: about 10 foot head, water source is a foot valve about 100 feet out in the lake. I use a Hanflo foot valve sock to reduce sediment. I pump into a 30 gallon diaphram pressure tank.
The pump has 3/4 fittings and just swapping out is the easiest way to go. I am hooked up direct to the 12v battery bank.

This pump works well (altho is hard to prime when I startup in spring) but is noisy and the pressure in the house could easily stand a 10 pound increase.

Seaflo looks interesting. I used a Shurflo 5.7 but it lasted one season so I got a bad taste of that....any advice is welcome.
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    You should shop more for the Aquatec. There is nothing more inexpensive out there. Shureflo stopped making the smart sensor and just makes their RV and Boat pumps. I think the Aquatec my clients use were under $80. Someday if you get tired of these diaphragm pumps failing a Grundfos VFD or a Goulds VFD and others will be on your shopping list.

    If you replace the diaphragm every 18 months these pumps do last. When they leak they flood the motor! Not a good thing....
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    Thats about the extent of it here as well. Got two years out of a flojet R3626, then it lost pressure. The Shurflo 2088 is still going, and the replacement model of those, the 4008, appear to have lots of issues. Centrifugal/peripheral pumps starting to look more attractive.
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