Magnum 120/240 volt inverter

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Well i have had my upgraded system running for a week now i love the magnum inverter it is the 48 vdc 120/240 inverter there new inverter. it is generally quiter then the pair of sw pluses i replaced and has a lot less of a idle draw as it is a single inverter.
i also upgraded my battery bank to 16 of the l16p trojan batteries and so far i am impressed with them but this winter will be the test on those.
I also have to say so far i am much happier with the 48 volt system also much easier to wire. i will try to post some pics when i get a chance but like i say the magnum and the epanel shure do make a sweet install less then half the space i was using. now if i can get my mx60 fixed outback is sending me a new microprocesser so we will see how that goes also have a good ball bearing fan coming from midnite solar so we will hack that into the mx and see if we can get it going. now to change my signature line i guess


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    Re: Magnum 120/240 volt inverter


    Great news... Keep us posted!

    Jim / crewzer
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    Re: Magnum 120/240 volt inverter

    that's good news and we would definitely want to be updated on how well it performs. winter will surely be the test because at present you are a bit over 3 and 1/2% on the charge rate. will you be adding a few pvs to up the charge rate?
    i'm a bit confused when you state the easier wiring of the 48v system because 1> the pvs did need rewired for 48v configuration, 2> the home run of wire to the controller should still be the same wire as it need not be changed unless the pvs are relocated, 3> no change needed to the batteries either, but 4> the batteries will need wired for a 48v configuration and this wire will still need to be very heavy wire. 5> the wire to the new inverter will also still need to be heavy and could be your old wire here too so how was the wiring easier for you? was it because it was a 48v system or was it because most of the wire was already in place?
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    Re: Magnum 120/240 volt inverter

    I will be adding a few panels just waiting for the word from boB on witch way to go high voltage or not? as for the wiring being easier its mostly the part about the 48 volt battery requiring less cabling and with the sw's i needed 2 sets of inverter cables with the magnum only 1. also the epanel makes life way way easier much simpler wiring it has pv+ input bus and everything much easier
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