PVP 5200 faulted.

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Interesting, why do system faults never show up when you are around?

Been gone for a couple days, did the dutiful things when I got home today like unload the car. Checked my e-mail for any bills, then checked the power monitoring application. One inverter (PVP 5200) had faulted for low power but never reset itself. I looked at the power monitoring stuff and saw what looked like the inverter had faulted a couple days ago. Weather was lousy here the last couple days so it is hard to tell how long ago it faulted as the production was all over the place. Now it is bright and sunny so I just powered off the AC side of the faulted inverter and waited the obligatory 5 minutes and the inverter started right back up no issue. After the five minutes it was interesting to track how long the MPPT algorithms to settle down and produce max power. Just 5 minutes on the hunt and it settled right in right about where I expected it to be. I will be watching it closely now for the next couple days.

Only confusing thing was the damn electrician who wired the AC side and swapped the 2 breakers in the AC combiner so following the conduit made no sense, I will fix that after dark tonight with a quick wire swap. <sigh>

PS. Oh yeah when the wife and I opened the garage upon our return and got out of the car there was the cutest little male Papillon in our our garage. The step daughter was over during the heavy weather yesterday and she comes in through the garage and the poor little thing must of ran in for some shelter from the storm. No collar and a bit to late to run it to the Vet to see if it is micro-chipped. Luckily the neighbor has dogs and brought some food over for it. The neighbor said there was some intense lightning, poor thing must have been half scared to death and it is definitely a lap dog.

When it rains it pours! LOL


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