Solar Generation (1MW-5MW) Training

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I am a member of a group that has been tasked with constructing some solar generation sites (1 MW - 5 MW), 100 kW, and I am looking to get some great training on the different technology and how to use it. Does anyone on this forum know of such a class to go to for a week or so and learn about this (anywhere in U.S)? I have found several classes online, but most are for small around the house type projects. Any information will be appreciated, thanks!


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    Most of us here only have experience with smaller off grid/grid tie systems (call it 5-8 kWatt maximum or so)...

    When you get to large systems--You really need a good licensed power engineer to design/configure/monitor the installation of your systems. And you need to check references.

    For example, a not too big system and what problems were had:

    Is this going to be a "Grid Tied" system (solar panels + GT Inverters tied to the utility grid) or Off Grid/Hybrid systems with backup power (either no grid, or ability to generate power when the utility is down)?

    In general, understanding a "smaller" system is a good start--If you have never been down this road before. The "issues" with big systems can extend into 3 phase power systems and network stability--Which 4-8 years of college plus some school of hard knocks of education would be required.


    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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