Blue Sea Transfer Switch

I am using a Blue Sea Transfer switch for my Solar Array. I have the Positive cable coming from Combiner Box going to the Common terminal on switch and negative going to Charge Controler and positive on the #1 Terminal to Charge Controller. Can i run a 240 Watt panel.positive cable to the common terminal and negative to another charge controller and positive cable from the #2 terminal to charge controller. In theory having to 2 arrays go through Switch
1460 Watts Solar @24v. 675 AH Battery Bank using 12 6v Trojan T-105. 1 Midnite Classic 150. 1500 Watt 24v Samlex Pure Sine Inverter


  • froggersixfroggersix Solar Expert Posts: 35
    the switches aren't rated for the open voltage of panels so you shouldn't use them for this they could arc and burn up.
  • pechanpechan Solar Expert Posts: 92 ✭✭

    Zakarume, just make sure the switch is rated for the max voltage your panel can produce, this is the VOC on the coldest temperature you expect the panel to operate in.

    An easy way to find out the max voltage is to use a string calculator and enter your panels specs and temperature coefficient (these should be on a label on the back side of your panels, usually next to where the wires attach).
    Midnite Solar has a nice string calculator on their website.
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