Solar for electrical use - computer? TV?

I have just installed a hot water system that operates on solar energy in my house. I am very pleased to feel that I am helping on the environment ;) plus also saving a bit of money off my monthly expenses. I was thinking I could reduce this FURTHER with using solar panels to power some of my electrical appliances. The appliances I use most are my TV and computer.

Is there a safe way to power a computer on solar power or is this not possible? If you could link me to any websites that have more information that would be great.

Thanks for your help!


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    Re: Solar for electrical use - computer? TV?

    though i haven't tried it yet myself many people report using a small 400w inverter to successfully power their computers probably a lap top. I run my TV which is 12v/120v directly off my batteries which i charge with solar panels (I also run 12v florescent lights and 12v camping fans off the same batteries). just remember your panels have to be big enough to replace the amps you use back into the bateries( I also use side marker lights for trucks/RVs where i only need low lighting as they are very low amp eaters). but things like this are what get you started into the world of solar, so good luck.
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    Re: Solar for electrical use - computer? TV?

    many do use a setup similar to a backups, but geared for constant use rather than the 'time to wrapup before a shutdown' without all of the beeping. basic needs would be an inverter rated to power all you need at any one time, batteries to store the power of the proper sizing for the power vs time you'd need in ah or wh, pvs of the proper size in ah or wh to charge the batteries through a controller with all necessary wires, fuses, etc. tvs are generally in the 50-200wh range depending on your particular tv ratings. full-sized pcs draw much more as the monitor as well as the vast electronics in the pc are being run so the tv figures could double for a pc. some like to use and power laptops as they use quite a bit less than their full-blown counterparts. matt here on the forum has some experience with powering pc stuff and is now going by lamplight as a username. you could send matt a pm (private message) here on the forum or you could also go to his solar powered site at: