Grid Line Work after thunderstorm power-outage

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Some tree branch clearing after a few lightening strikes close by to my meter has yielded an interesting consequence. My meter spins in reverse more freely,it was only spinning back at a seemingly constant max. rate, and I believe my inverters are cooler. My new Wattvision eye died so it will be back to EKM for monitoring. The ct,s are wrapped 2X they are 1/200 I think. I think I need to wrap them some more because my AC ampmeter reads 30A and my DC amp meter reads 92A. oh!
Always troubleshoot with adequite sunlight.  Hi Ho Hi Ho
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    Just remember Amps do not equal Power...
    • 92 amps * 72 VDC ~ 27 amps * 240 VAC ~ 6,624 Watts
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  • ScaleneScalene Solar Expert Posts: 25
    Yeah, I forgot to add that the 92A is still only @30VDC and the 30A is still only at 118VAC the differential is about the percent efficiency of my inverters~I am hving a real difficult time trying to buy a grid tie inverter. 1. affordable 2. 3000+Watts 3. preferably 120vdc startup, dual mppt. I can have 16 panels that I can make 2 strings of [email protected] the dual mppt is needed due to some darkness around 4-6 season depending. It will be connected to my box @ 240v, but I only use 120v I realy want a Aurora power1 3.0 or 3.6./ maybee a growatt 3.0 or 3.6. haha, really I just found a fronius 2000 for under 300.00$ [for parts or not working though...], also several swr-2500u are goes the budget hunting, everytime I find a deal it dissapears...I am waiting for a schnieder 63Adc dual breaker for it. I will be removing the Midnight solar 63A gdfi breaker I bought at NAWS. no fires since I dumpstered the SLA batteries.:-}
    Always troubleshoot with adequite sunlight.  Hi Ho Hi Ho
    2.3Kw  [10]Enecsys SMI 240-60 Gen1 inverters
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