Need recommendation for a 'Meter' to view inverters AC wave form

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I have seen several screen captures for/of wave forms from many of our inverters, MSW and TSW in discussions on the forum over the years..IMSMC X-ringer used one a couple of times.

Looking for comments, good and bad about modestly priced hand held meters you have seen, used and/or bought.... or even low end that performed well

Thanks in advance...
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  • john pjohn p Solar Expert Posts: 814 ✭✭✭
    The only way to view any waveform is with oscilloscope.. You only need a basic 5mhz single channel one..
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    I have 2 Velleman HSP10s which are great as they are an inexpensive hand held scope. Though this model seems to be discontinued but they have a new smaller version. It only has a 35V input so you need the 10X probe to measure bare AC output. The nice thing about a hand held scope is you don't have to worry about blowing things up by trying to measure AC with an instrument that is also powered of AC, shorting hot through the common ground of your scope. You will usually need an isolation transformer to runt the scope or a probe isolator of some sort if using an AC powered scope. I have on occasion ran my scope of a small sine wave inverter and stand alone battery to get isolation.

    I would probably recommend something like the Velleman.
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