SolarEdge users: What's your inverter temp during high production?

HX_GuyHX_Guy Solar Expert Posts: 296 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
I've looked into this before and never was able to get a clear answer from SolarEdge as to what the normal operating temperature of their inverters is.
All they state is that the inverter will start to derate at 122º ambient temperature, but have no data on internal temps. They did say that if the inverter was out of temp spec (whatever that spec number is), it would give an error message.

Still, this seems pretty freaking hot to me...and it's only in the high 80s outside today. Inverter is mounted outside on a north facing wall in full shade.
Both fans show as functioning in the on-screen menu and can be heard running.



  • KozmoKKozmoK Solar Expert Posts: 42
    They got tired of of people asking this, so they removed the TEMP display on new firmware! I guess we just wait and see if we ever see this "TEMP ERROR".

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