Inverter shutdown procedure?

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Believe it or not but in the 15 years I have had my systems I have never shut them down unless there was a problem and then it was done by necessity and order/procedure did not matter because it was emergency time. I looked over the manual and could not find a shutdown procedure. I assume you would turn the inverter off before disconnecting AC and DC power sources. Anybody know where I can research proper system shutdown?


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    It should be in your inverter manual.
    For a grid tie inverter the first step is to turn off the AC. That will immediately stop the inverter from consuming more than minimal power from the DC side. That allows you to open the DC disconnect without having to interrupt high current.

    For a hybrid inverter or an off grid inverter, you could still disconnect the AC first, but it would not have as great an effect on the inverter as with grid tied.
    Some off grid inverters will have a shutdown option from their control panel or will even have a switch. For that situation shut down manually first, then disconnect AC and DC.
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    I do see where there is an off option on the inverter menu so I guess that is the best place to start. That should drop the loads to the distribution panel and I can disconnect the AC and DC without interrupting high current.
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