Controller does not recognize panel

I have a Go Power GPR-25 controller and two GC2 6 volt batteries. The controller is about 8 years old and the batteries are one year old. The system has worked well with an 80 Go Power panel. I added a Grape 100 watt panel and that went well. I have now added a Kyocera 120 panel that the controller will not accept. The new panel meets specifications in that it puts out 19.46 volts at the controller, added together my amps meet specs for the controller. I have double checked wiring. I have directly wired the Kyocera to the controller, still no go.

Any thoughts or Ideas on what is the problem.?



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    Will the Kyocera 120 panel work by itself?
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    The Kyocera 120 will not work through the GO Power controller, it will produce 19.46 volts measured with a volt meter.
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    Panel wiring polarity correct?

    Have you tried connecting the panel directly to battery bank and measure the current?

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    I have connected the panel up to the controller, and it did not work.

    It may be the connections from the panel. They may not be good and are transferring voltage but the connection is not strong enough to transfer amps. I will check into that today.
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    Outfitter wrote: »
    I have connected the panel up to the controller, and it did not work.
    Was the controller first connected to a good battery? Most controllers won't allow charging a dead or nearly dead battery, nor will they "wake up" if no battery is connected.
    Also, check the voltage at the input of the controller, input from the PV to see if voltage is actually getting there. Likewise the battery terminals of the controller, is battery voltage reaching the controller?
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    The batteries are good and have taken and will take and hold a good charge of more than 12.8 volts, I can run a fantastic fan and a refrigerator fan all night (15 hours) and the batteries will hold at 12.5 volts.

    I have talked with Go Power about it and they have not seen such a situation.

    The guy I bought the panel from seems like a standup guy and we will meet tomorrow, I will get a new panel and he will do some testing on the panel that is not working right. He has never heard of such a thing either.

    Right now I have an 80W and a 100W that are putting out 10+ amps and I am happy with that, but the extra 120W will really be helpful in the winter and during bad weather.

    I will keep you posted.

    Your help is appreciated.

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    Update: No resolution. A new used panel only produced .8 amps, there may be an internal problem. So I returned the panel and my payment returned. I will live with 180 watts for now that is 100 watts more than I started with. I will think about adding a new solar controller then try again and see where it goes.

    FYI: If you recall the movie Apollo 13, one of the problems was that they had volts and no amps. Maybe I will have to watch the movie again.

    Thanks for your help.

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