SDGE "small business" rates?

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I have a grid-tie solar PV system on SDGE net-metering plan (regular DR-SES rate plan) and I'm interested in options.

I have an electric vehicle so I could do one of the EV-TOU rates.

I now see that they have small business rate plans (I own/operate a small business from my residence) but they don't seem to publish rates.

Any ideas?


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    In northern California with PG&E--As soon as you see "commercial"--Rates are higher and more complex (reservation charges, etc.).

    In general, if you can stick with residential rate plans (in N.Ca), usually are better off (unless lots of A/C, Computer Servers, etc...???).

    But the complexity of commercial rates make it almost impossible to figure out how they will impact the monthly bill (many are time of day, seasonal variations, reservation charges, etc.).

    If you have a Digital Remote Reading Utility meter--I wonder if they will "plug your last months" bills into different rate plans for you to see what works out best.

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    Have a Man Cave in PG&E territory in Northern CA. It has no PV power generation, but we have been forced onto Small Commercial TOU rates.

    For the Summer Off-Peak power is $0.213 per kWh.
    Partial Peak is $0.24 per kWh.
    On Peak is $0.251 kWh

    There are Reservation and/or Demand charges, in addition to the above, and am sure that there are many more charges/fees that the Utility owned and operated CA PUC will be granting the Utilities in the next months.

    There has been a recent addition to the rate structure -- Peak Day Pricing. This is an opportunity for PG&E to nominate between 9 and 15 Peak Pricing Event Days, where, between 2 PM and 6 PM, the electric rates become $0.86 per kWh.

    We have no A/C, as this is very near the Bay, but guess that we will need to contribute to those who do have large loads, especially A/C. Do know that Peakers are very dirty and expensive to operate, and so on ...

    We have conserved to the point that we use less than 500 WH/day. The Meter charge is $20.00/mo, which makes our consumed power to appear to cost over $1/kWh, before any peak days ...

    So, as BB Bill mentioned, if you can AVOID Commercial Power Rate structures, you will probably be much better off. FWIW, Vic
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