wind turnbine with no manual and confliting setup review leaving me lost

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hello my name is bobby I am a Canadian who live in the Philippines in the winter. My internet is supper slow takes 5 min to load any from on here so I gave up searching and I am making my first post on a from in years

I just picked up a ALEKO WG450A 450 watt turbine from amazon and it read 12v

when I read other people set up there showing that they used an AC TO DC converter so know I don't know what the turbine puts out it had a red black and white wire and I have a lock of tools here. by lack I mean I have none I have to by what I need as I go.

my set up was going to be wid turbine 450 peek watts and a 100 watt solar panel on my roof to my solar charger controller model cmtb-30a 12/24v automaric 30 amps to 4 deep 12 volt deep cycle batteries then that to my 12 fraud compositor to my 3000 watt inverter

no I don't know what to do is this wind turbine 12v ? is the white wire some sort of remote or gives data to some type of high end controller ? iv been on the net all day trying to hammer this out but the internet being so slow iv gotten no ware.

my email is [email protected] any help would really help im off to the store to by a post and some brackets tomarrow


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    Re: wind turnbine with no manual and confliting setup review leaving me lost


    I looked on the Internet but could not find a manual for that turbine.

    I am sure though, it is like all small wind turbines just an alternator putting out 3-phase AC power ---
    1 AC phase on each of the 3 wires from it.

    You will need to connect these wire to a rectifier before you attach the DC Output
    from the rectifier to your batteries. Something like this one:

    Or if you have a shop that repairs car alternators you can probably salvage one off a junked alternator for just a few dollars.

    The reviews on Amazon for this turbine were not very promising. Before spending $’s on a dump load and a charger/controller,
    try just hooking the DC output from the rectifier to the batteries and see if it will even raise the voltage of your battery bank.
    You will need a voltmeter to check that.

    More than likely it is designed as a 12 Volt turbine, but it's output will be clamped at or just above the actual voltage of your battery bank.
    Then, if the turbine is actually outputting any substantial power, the voltage of the batteries will slowly rise.

    If you can get the voltage on the battery bank up to 14 volts or so, disconnect the turbine and go look for a controller and dump load -- it's working.
    Also, if the turbine is spinning pretty fast in a 20 - 25 MPH wind, short the 3 AC phase wires together before you unhook the DC output from the battery bank
    so that you have a brake / load on the turbine to prevent it from over speeding.
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    Re: wind turnbine with no manual and confliting setup review leaving me lost

    One person recommended this charge controller:

    GudCraft CD5.0 12V Charge Controller for Wind Generator Wind Turbine

    You can search for it on Amazon.

    Or you can buy a set of rectifiers (or a 3 phase bridge / rectifier), put on the three phase output from the turbine, and connect to your battery bank. Put three switches on the turbine output (or a three blade knife switch) so you can "short the 3 phase output" of the turbine. This will allow you to turn off the turbine (shorting the output will almost stop the blades from turning).

    Of course, you should have a fuse/circuit breaker at the battery to protect the wiring (probably at least 50 amp breaker/fuse + wiring to rated for the current--guessing, assuming the turbine works to rating).

    Note, I am not recommending the above products/web vendors... I don't know anything about the above--Just starting points for you do your research.

    In general, I am not a fan of small wind. I believe you should put in enough solar panels to support your loads and the size of battery bank (how many AH is your battery bank?).

    Once you have enough solar panel to support your normal sunny weather loads, you can then experiment with wind--But you will probably not be very happy.

    Also, a 3,000 Watt AC inverter is way too large to be useful for your present setup. Roughly a 100-300 Watt AC inverter is probably better suited to a 100 watt solar panel and smallish 12 volt battery (that would give you a few hundred watts of AC power for an couple hours per day). A 3kWatt inverter would flatten your battery system in a few minutes of operation if operated at full load. And just the inverter "turned on" would use up your solar power in a couple of hours (large inverters take 20+ watts just "turned on").

    I would suggest that you start from the basics. How much AC/DC load do you wish to run (Watts/Amps at what voltage, and how many hours per day). Use this information to define the battery bank. And then size the solar array. Once you have done the paper design, you can now search for equipment that will support your needs.

    You can get a Kill-a-Watt type meter to measure your AC power needs. And/or a DC AH/WH meter for your DC power needs.

    Solar/Wind power is "very expensive"--So make sure you have picked very efficient, and the smallest loads that will meet your needs. Large/wasteful loads are expensive to run from solar/wind power.

    If you do not do this first, you will probably not be very happy with your off grid power system's operation.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: wind turnbine with no manual and confliting setup review leaving me lost

    The best thing to do with the wind generator is ;;sell it cheap to someone you really dislike.... Small wing geneys put out nothing much of the time and high output in very short bursts..This make the output almost unusable and obviously very unpredictable.. They only successful if mounted on top of mountain or a few meters from the ocean...Use the money after selling it to buy another 100w solar panel.. Far more predictable output... Philippines is very good for solar.
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    Re: wind turnbine with no manual and confliting setup review leaving me lost

    I assume you will have a ll 4 batteries in parallel, this is not advised, on solar systems, 3 is the maximum recommended as with more than 2 parallel batteries, there is a problem with getting all of the batteries equally charged as each individual battery will have different internal resistance. Also a 100W solar panels is ,assuming size (Ah) of battery you have there, good for 1 battery of ~ 100Ahr, average car battery size. So if you want 2 batteries to be properly charged you need at least 2 panels, 3 would be really good.

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