Getting it right rule-of-thumb

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If you do not understand an answer given to your question, do not assume it is you who is at fault. Look for another answer.

I have noticed quite a few responses from self-proclaimed 'experts' that range from confused gibberish to outright bunk. Unfortunately we do not have the time or inclination to correct every piece of misinformation presented as fact by people whose only claim to fame is that they haven't accidentally killed themselves yet. We rely on the handful of real engineers who hang around this place to do that.

Most questions can be answered by the tedious process of reading through prior posts, as almost every question has been asked at least once before. It may take a lot of time but then so does trying make sense of stupid answers.

As for myself, of late my real-life obligations are using up nearly all my time and I haven't got many spare moments to volunteer answers in. The spam usually takes up what time I have got.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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    Re: Getting it right rule-of-thumb

    We appreciate your time and help, Cariboocoot, and the time and help of the other moderators. Thanks. Bill
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    Re: Getting it right rule-of-thumb

    Close the forum to only who have registered & sent in replys from their IP mails address .
    That will cut 80% of spam .
    Our & My forum have Zero spam due to logins & passwords plus you are stopped at the login page. You may view the open site of a picture , but thats it. :
    Have area from , name you would like to be addressed etc.
    It's only to get worse till it ends.

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    Re: Getting it right rule-of-thumb

    We do have folks click on a confirmation link to their email address they list with us.

    When all is said and done, we have a 1 spam and you are out policy--And that includes banning the IP address.

    Until we banned IP Addresses (most spammers come from the same ISP's--It seems) of spammers--We could get 20-30 spammer accounts per day. Now, we usually only average a couple per week (although, the last few weeks were quite a few more).

    Anyway--It is pretty manageable right now.

    -Bill "keeping fingers crossed" B.
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    Re: Getting it right rule-of-thumb
    CDN_VT wrote: »
    If the person wants in they WILL skip the rope to join.

    So will some of the spammers.

    Most of them we stop before anyone ever sees their garbage. Some of them managed to get as far as a post before we can work out what they are up to.
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