outback breaker.

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Is there a correct way to orrientate an outback 80amp panel mount breaker, mounted between fm80 and battery bank? ie does this breaker have a positive and negativedand if so would I take the fm80 side as positive?

Also with a midnite solar din mount breaker which I know has a positive, mounted between batteries and inverter would I take the batteries to be positive and the inverter to the negative side?

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    Re: outback breaker.

    I don't know about the output specifically, but in general, the + terminal connect to the battery bank (source of positive polarity high current) to the loads/branch circuit wiring (where the short circuit can occur).

    Newer breakers (in design or recently released?) should be polarity insensitive (new code requirement).

    With DC current, the direction of current flow can affect how the arc "quenches". One way to control the plasma of the arc is to put a magnet in the chute area--The magnetic field "blows" the arc away. With the "wrong" current direction, it can "pull" the arc away from the chute (guessing, as I understand some of the issues).

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