SUN 435W Modules Grade-B, with MorningStar SunSaver mppt charge controller.

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im interested in purchasing this "SUN 435W Modules Grade-B" with a MorningStar SS-MPPT-15L SunSaver mppt charge controller but dont know if they're compatible. can someone please help?

the specs reads :

$/w 0.64
Cell Type Mono
Connector type MC4
Frame Anodize Aluminum
Spec Download Now
Watts 435
Cells 128
Panel Vmp 72.9
Panel Imp 5.97
Panel Voc 85.6
Panel Isc 6.43

url to panels ----

the morningstar sunsaver mppt charge controller specs reads:

•Peak Efficiency
•Nominal Battery Voltage
12 or 24 volts
•Max. Battery Current
15 amps
•Battery Voltage Range
7-36 volts
•Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage
75 volts
•Nominal Max. PV Input
12 volt battery
200 Watts
24 volt battery
400 Watts
•Output Rating
15 amps load control
•Self Consumption
35 milliamps
•Transient Surge Protection
4 x 1500 Watts

url to mppt controller ---

additional information for application: go power 1500 pure sine wave, 4 trojan 6 volt batteries.


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