A self inflicted boo boo to my 5.3 KW system

Totally my fault for this problem.I was plowing snow (we got 14" ) the other day (11/11/14 ) and while piling snow with my front end loader I got too close to where the main line comes down the pole and enters the underground route.

Of course the overlying PVC "protective" pipe shattered and upon closer examination I could see I severed the heavy bare copper ground
and tore the insulation on the 000 AL feed line off the PV array that comes out of the combiner box. This dc line is not severed but about an inch of bare wire is exposed. I wrapped some blk electrician's tape over it temporarily. Good thing was that the panels were covered with a thick layer of snow so they weren't producing much, if any current.

The readout on the solar charge controller menu panel says
> Ground Fault.

I know what has occurred will have to be handled by a certified solar electrician. The wire has to be repaired and a new ground fault protective (GFP ) fuse replaced in the charger. Maybe two will be needed as I have two chargers and both panels read ----> Ground Fault.

My controllers are Xantrex XW-MPPT60-150 and the inverters are Xantrex XW Series Hybrid Inverter.Charger (XW6048-120/240-60 ). The array is rated at 5.3KW

I hope these fuses are readily available . Do you think something off the shelf from an electrical supply house is all that is necessary.

The bare cu grd wire I would think would be a easy splice and hopefully the heavy DC one inch insulation tear can be remedied with something, maybe liquid rubber like they coat tool handles.

Will the PV arrays need to be covered with an opaque material during this procedure?

I hope to get the electrician here early next week.

Any comments are welcomed.



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