Parrallel Charge Controllers on 3 phase turbine.

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I recently purchased 2 60 ft Monopole towers, and in the package I got a 10kw Chinese Wind turbine (Oyuad Electronics).
I plan to experiment with it.
I have no expectations, but I do have a lot of wind. (14 mph yearly average)

My initial thought was to use the towers for 2 3kw Kestrel turbines I own.

But as long as the turbine was basically free I figure I have nothing to lose. I might mount it on one of the towers.

I am off Grid.

I could parallel 2 Aurora wind Inverters and AC couple with my Radian Inverters but I had a couple other thoughts?

I do not know much about 3 phase power, so here is my question:

The turbine is 3 phase 240 AC I have 3 wires coming out of the turbine (apart from the 2 for the yaw motor)

What Voltage will I get on each individual wire?

Could I potentially rectify each phase separately and feed 3 classic charge controllers in parallel and set them to follow each other?


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    Re: Parrallel Charge Controllers on 3 phase turbine.

    Here are the turbine specs:



    Rated power (W) 10K

    Rated voltage (V) 240 VAC

    Rotor diameter (m) 8.2

    Start-up wind speed(m/s) 2

    Cut-in wind speed(m/s) 3

    Rated wind speed(m/s) 12

    Safety wind speed(m/s) 60

    Brake system Electronic

    Furling type Electronic

    Rated rotating rate (r/m) 185

    Generator work way Magnetic saturation

    Generator material Steel

    Blade material Fiber glass

    Blade quantity 3
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    Re: Parrallel Charge Controllers on 3 phase turbine.

    With 3 phase AC on a Wind turbine--The answer is "it depends".

    It will "nominally" be in the 240 VAC range (frequency???? Depends on RPM of turbine). The Wind Inverters will work, more or less, just like MPPT charge controllers work on a Solar Array.

    The inverters are typically programmed with an I*V*RPM curve and will attempt to "optimize" RPM and Watts from the turbine. So while the turbine may be "rated" for 240 VAC--You may see 180 to 500 VAC from the turbine with the GT Inverters.

    Of course, the GT inverters should output ~240 VAC 60 Hz power for your Radian/local grid.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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