2nd attempt wind project need help

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New to the forum but I have followed for a while and hope to contribute. First wind setup was mix of separate parts including a homemade controller and a converted delco alternator on a 2" Iron pipe. Overtime I blew up the grid tie and may have caused the batteries to expire early. New setup is more professional but is not performing like it should.
Parts include HY-400L Skymax 400w turbine, Vwg 2008 controller, Outboard 60amp relays, 4-800cca deep cycle batts, 3-300w dump load resistors, 10 guage and 4 guage cabling, 6000w inverter, 400w grid tie, 3-50w solar panels,
and a 40ft auto tilting tower I reconditioned. The main trouble is very little power from the turbine. Only 20v and 10 watts registering on the controller display and 10vac by multi meter at input even in 40mph wind. Wire guage is good. What tests could I do to see if one part is bad? Also, turbine manual says electromagnetic braking. My brake never turns on,but it seems to go into slow motion intermittently. Many other questions. A few photos are attached.

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