OutBack MATE3 Jepefe's On-Line Monitor new version

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hi there!...
I want you to know that a new version of the solar On-Line monitor (Free!) APP for facilities that have MATE3 of OutBack are out!

the new version has a better disposition of screen space and is also easier to handle and interpret.

remind you that this is a free application that can be installed very easily by following the instructions and downloading the fonts from the Blog Jepefe, plus track upgrades and new versions as they come out in the corresponding repository.

you can see in the links two solar plants that is using the new version:

and here is the blog of Jepefe:
(here are some more on-line solar monitors app's for victron, morning star and more...

and here the application repository

hope you like guys!


  • kimikimi Registered Users Posts: 1
    Re: OutBack MATE3 Jepefe's On-Line Monitor new version

    Thank you for letting us use this software for free! The install was super simple and so far the Mate3 data is going into database.

    A link in the html file references another file called current.html which is not included in the download. I am using Linux so it is case sensitive. There is a link in historical.html that references Historical.html causing an error for me. Simple fix :)

    Thanks again.
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