Wiring a MN SPD on my RV Solar breaker panel

Good Morning,
How do I wire the Surge protection device by Midnite Solar, to my Breaker panel (baby box) feed from the wires from my solar panels on the roof.
Green and neutral to frame ground? then one lead to the buss bar, or breaker? It is in my trailer, don't know if it is a 2 pole or not, if it is, what do I do with the other 'hot' lead?


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    Re: Wiring a MN SPD on my RV Solar breaker panel

    I presume noones answered this because as a rule spds need a round stake. Their purpose is to shunt surges to ground. Whether they can be of benefit in an RV i do not know, and my advice would be to ask over at the midnite forum.
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