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My wife came in and told me the SW4024 was "inverting", she knows that green is good and to tell me if there is any other lights on. Within minutes I checked it and the green lights were on, AC1 in good and Float. What condition would this happen with a Trace SW4024? If there was a grid outage/bump the inverter should have gone to Bulk instead of back to Float in such a short amount of time, or at least that is my understanding. Even getting to AC1 in good should have taken more time than it took me to check it. Is there a condition where the unit would "invert" with the AC1 connected and the battery bank at Float? There was a storm in the area so we could have had a bump, but confused as to the progression and result.


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    Re: Inverting?

    It probably indicates that the battery voltage was not pulled below a level that would force a full charge ( Re-Bulk ) reset and the charger just brought it back to the Float level. Thats what mine usually does if the battery voltage does not go below around 25 volts. Most of the new Inverters have adjustable re-bulk set points, many of the older ones had fixed in the algorithms.
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    Re: Inverting?

    I thought that a grid failure would trigger a bulk charge but what you are saying makes sense, I have seen it go to Float before the set bulk charge time just never so fast. Since I got the new battery bank I have seen some different system mannerisms, nothing negative and hopefully all positive. Just makes me nervous, having an older style inverter. when something out of the ordinary happens.
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