Apollo Solar out of Business?

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Hey All,

I was wondering if Apollo Solar is still operating as I have been unable to hear word from them regarding a faulty inverter(TSW4048 ). It was working like a champ for the past 3years and now it is just malfunctioning. Truth be told I have had good experiences in the past dealing with, Herb and now Bill in terms of other warranty calls. THis time around the silence is deafening. Sent emails, made calls, left messages and two weeks later not one single response which leads me to think they are no longer in business. If anyone has any infomation about their current status I would be grateful. At least I would know if they are ignoring me or just don't exist anymore.



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    Re: Apollo Solar out of Business?

    Well back in 2010 when I first used Apollo Solar they seemed OK, but I am glad I only used them for two installs. In 2010 I set up two tsw4048 and two HV80's , remote monitoring, and 6kw of PV. When one of their 80HV charge controllers bit it two years ago, I got terrible customer service took 3 weeks to get it back and they did a hack job repair to the board. I have recently noticed that one of the tsw4048 needs a new display I will try to contact them soon. Interestingly their remote monitoring is still working, but their site has not been updated for two years.
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    Re: Apollo Solar out of Business?

    Hi all,
    I am happy to report that I was able reach Apollo solar and Herb devoted nearly half of the day resolving my inverter issues so they are still very much in business. This is the customer service that I usually receive from Herb and Apollo Solar. I am very satisfied at this particular moment.

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