pump won't run: clicks on/off

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why wunt my pump start
- 232 amp batteries 6 v
- wired equals 3 12 volt batteries
- inverter 5000 watts peak
- water pump .5 hp 7amps
how mny batteries req fully charged would i typically req. ?


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    Re: pump won't run: clicks on/off

    Welcome to the forum.

    Your description is a bit short on details which may make the difference.
    For example we know it is a 1/2 HP pump but it may be 120 VAC or 240 VAC and therefor incompatible with the inverter's output; it would try to start on the low Voltage but just wouldn't.
    Also judging by the input Voltage of the inverter and it's Wattage rating it is probably an MSW type which increases the pump demand; induction motors do not run well from MSW inverters.
    Then there is the wire sizing: if it is too small on either input or output the power will be 'choked' due to Voltage drop.

    This part is expressed oddly:
    - 232 amp batteries 6 v
    - wired equals 3 12 volt batteries

    That would indicate three parallel strings of two 6 Volt batteries in series. That is inviting trouble with current sharing. Two of those batteries in series should provide enough power to start a 1/2 HP 120 VAC water pump.

    I suspect a wiring problem on the DC side is the main difficulty.
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