1kw wind power

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Hi we have a 1kw wind power i m install his volt 48v Guide me how much battries we r udes we have a 50 Amp 4 battries his inverter 48v i put the lode 700watt but its working only 40min how can i extanded his time


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    Re: 1kw wind power

    Welcome to the forum.

    You are looking at it the wrong way around.

    700 Watt load for 40 minutes is about 462 Watt hours. On 48 Volts (ignoring losses) that's about 10 Amp hours being used. In theory if you have 50 Amp hours of battery capacity it should be able to run the load for about 2.5 hours. They would be recharged by the wind turbine, if it can put out its rated power. If it's output is constant and above the 700 Watts the load requires and loss allowance the load should run indefinitely.

    This leads to the questions: Are the batteries still any good? Does the wind turbine produce any current? If so, how much? We would need a lot more details about the system and load to judge if the design is right or if there is a failure somewhere.

    Don't expect great things from wind turbines as too many of them are of poor quality and/or are not installed properly. You would probably be better off with larger battery capacity and solar panels.
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    Re: 1kw wind power

    Unfortunately, except for what seems very rare situations, 1000 watt wind turbines rarely if ever produce anywhere near their rated power.
    I had a 750 watt wind turbine - - - it was really useless. But it was nice to look at, nice to lay back in the grass and watch it spinning against the sky, but like so many others, it produced almost no usable power at all. :cry:
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