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My understanding is that you recently initiated a topic discussion looking for advice and/or information for a small PV system, and that you deleted the topic after receiving responses that caused offense. I didn't participate in the discussion and I don't recall your original post nor the responses, so I'm just commenting and not judging.

I'd like to invite you to repost your original topic question and allow us to make another try at offering you suggestions that might stay within your budget. You may also receive some objective guidance on the limitations of a very small system, but I hope that such a system may the seed for you as well as for others to consider embracing PV technology and its benefits even when starting with limited resources.

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    Re: Invitation to penpen

    i too would like you to come back. please do not be so overly sensitive as i do remember that i made a remark of it being improbable, but not impossible on $100 and advised of the possibilities of something like ebay before you had even revealed in a later post that you had pvs and batteries already. btw, i was the first to respond to your post with a few after me as well. your choice of using automotive starting batteries is also not a good thing either, but we do say what it is that's on our minds given the input from what we are given by the poster. it doesn't always sit well with those entering the field of discussion that it is expensive to get into this even with conservative efforts. i'd more than welcome you showing everyone the efforts you make to combat the high price of solar and i do not recall anybody actually being nasty or rude to you as many posted after my initial responce to you. it was they who benefitted with the additional knowledge that you already had some items obtained and if you'd have left the postings there it would've revealed the truth of what i'm saying here. others can verify what i'm saying is true and nobody should grovel to you as if we are guilty of some misconduct as we are not guilty of any. for the record, you were asking us of how to get a system together for $100 and yes i did say that for that amount of money if i could put a good system together that i'd be in business and wouldn't reveal how i did it as i'd be sitting on a gold mine with that knowledge and ability. i also added realistically that if i did put something together for $100 it wouldn't be much more than a system to charge some ncd or nimh batteries. now had i known at the time that buying batteries and pvs wasn't in the mix my initial answer would've been different for that same $100.