tax credit for RV installations

Are there any tax credits for RV installations?


  • RoderickRoderick Solar Expert Posts: 253 ✭✭
    Re: tax credit for RV installations

    Hi, if you are in the USA, what state are you in?

    I'm not aware of any such breaks for California, who (probably justly) seems to try not to give breaks on luxury items. For example, for solar hot water, you can get a break if it's your house hot water, but not if it heats your swimming pool.

    For Federal, try taking a look at the instructions for form 5695 on . I suspect you're out of luck, there, too, unless the RV is your primary residence (could be for some folks, never know).
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    Re: tax credit for RV installations

    Most states (maybe all?) require that the solar installation be on a fixed home, and most often also to the electric grid.
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