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I have sitting on top of a 30' tower what I believe is a Whisper H900, the old H40. There are three leads coming off the head through a pipe and down to surface level. I would like to use this wind power to charge a 24 volt battery bank. What do I need to do to utilize this power. ( I say it is an H900 because I have an old brochure indicating that.)


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    i don't know what all you may need or what is missing, but i'm assuming that brochure gave you some idea. most wind gennies have electronics to process the power for its needed application be it grid tie or battery recharging at specific voltages. it may be a good idea to go right to the source which is the company that manufactured the wind genny as, if anything would be missing, it is they who will provide the product if they still manufacture it, but at the very least proper instructions would be provided by them for their product. please contact them and explain it all to them what it is you have and what you would like to do.
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    Re: WhisperH900

    To answer the question: If no charge controller was provided, you can purchase one from SWWP or the folks at NAWS. These controllers have 3 terminal lugs (one for each of those wires you mentioned). If you're curious, those 3 wires represent 3 phase, wild AC. You need the controller to rectify that AC over to DC. By the way, the new, adjustable controller will work with voltages 12-48 volts. It is a very good controller, far superior to the old ones--and includes a resistive bank (air heating element to slow/stop the turbine). For reference, the older systems utilized a manual brake switch to stop the turbine--which was very hard on stators. Also, the older systems utilized an air heater, which pulled excess energy from the battery--to the heater.

    I would hope that you have been able to lower the tower, not only to inspect the turbine--but to verify turbine voltage. There should be a waterproof J-box attached to the turbine. You will need a schematic of the 24V wiring configuration for the 900 if you are unsure of its present voltage set-up. Just unscrew the J-box lid and have a look.

    My H-40 manual specifies that you must have a battery system of not less than 200 AH (20 hr rate). It also specifies that you install a 100 Amp fuse--to protect the turbine--in line with your positive conductor to the battery.

    Although you have not given the particulars regarding your wire run from tower top to controller, please do understand that the owner's manual is very specific about wire size. Also, I would verify that the tower is grounded appropriately. I highly recommend that you incorporate a Delta Lightning Arrestor (like the LA303 for 3 phase AC). Personally, I would also attach a brake switch (which you may rarely use, but will stop the turbine---separate from the stop button on the new controller). If you decide to purchase the new, Whisper controller, it will come with an owner's manual. I would probably ask for a Whisper 100 owner's manual--so that you are able to follow SWWP guidelines regarding distances between components of your system--and wire size.
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