Need advise for cost installed price per Watt on grid.

I apologize if this subject has already been asked. I cannot find anything recent. I am looking to install a 7k system. I have Tile roof, slanted roof facing west and east. What should I be looking forward in paying per watt installed?

I would like to get system monitoring, 25 years warranty on solar panels, 10 year on inverter, and 10 on installation. That seems to be the minimum recommendations now days. I live in San Luis, Az. Southwest corner of Arizona. A rough estimate.

And yes of course I would really appreciate any advise on what to look for when buying. Brands better output (negative tolerance, PTC TO STC ratio) for extreme hot use of course.

Also whats the difference between a mini inverter setup and a string setup, pros and cons of both?

Thanks for any advise. I am really interested in installing.


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    Re: Need advise for cost installed price per Watt on grid.

    In my area of Arizona, there are quite a lot of installers and competition has driven the prices well below $3/watt. My opinion is not to put electronics on the roof in hot climates such as yours, so stick with string inverters. We are mostly installing Sunnyboy TL inverters these days because of the secure power outlet feature only they have. If asthetics are important to you, strip off the tile in the area of the area and put shingles down so that the PV array is recessed into the tile roof, looks very nice and makes the install easier as well. Use an installer that pays for referrals and then get your neighbors to follow your lead. I don't know if anybody in your sparse corner of the state - you could look in the NABCEP directory online.
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