Safe maximum current from Solar Batteries (ROLLS)

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Hello dear people,

I trying to determine what is the maximum safe current I can draw for 5-10 minutes from a deep cycle battery such as a ROLLS 30H125AMP (C20). Is there s rule to calculate that for these batteries. I understand that they are constructed with thicker plates and less lead surface to allow longer life and that this has an effect on the maximum current.

And what would happen when I draw out too much current?

Thanks! Joris

The battery specs: 30H125 PDF


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    Re: Safe maximum current from Solar Batteries (ROLLS)

    The rule-of-thumb is the maximum momentary current draw for flooded cells should not exceed 25% of the C20 rating. So in the case of 125 Amp hour units it would be 31.25, call it 30. The reasons being two: higher current will cause Voltage sag and drain the battery quickly (the higher the current draw the less real capacity the battery has at that moment).

    AGM's can take higher current in and out.
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