Whisper 200 power output

I recently bought a whisper 200, but the power output seem to be low.I followed the installation according to the manual. My system voltage is 12volts and I have the #40 anemometer from NRG which is mounted on the 55 foot tower, and the optional display for the whisper controller, average wind after installation 13mph.Power production is about 3kWh per day. The instaneous wind speed graph indicates that a 15mph wind should give me 400watts, but I only get close to 200 watts which is what the whisper 100 would produce.Does anyone have any real-world data on the power production of this turbine?

Another problem is that the reg-on voltage defaults to 14.4 volts when set via display unit after about 30 mins. The factory sent a new circuit board, but same problem. I got around the problem by switching dip switch #5 which use the reg voltage from the pot on the circuit board. :-(


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    Re: Whisper 200 power output

    Hey EH,

    Sounds like you have an excellent wind site. After reading about your issues, the first thing that comes to mind is turbine voltage. 200's come shipped in 24V configuration. This would quickly explain why you are not getting the current necessary for 12v. It would also explain why you have had to bypass the reg-on voltage--on the controller. I would be curious to see what your maximum outputs have been. If they have been significantly lower than you expect, I'd re-verify your turbine wiring.

    Every wind site is different. Wind density is another thing to consider--particularly if you are above 5000 ft elevation. There is a formula that tells you how much to de-rate your expected turbine performance at altitude, perhaps by 20% or better. We can look this up if you're that curious.

    Another thing that can affect Whispers in a big way is turbulence. These are light turbines. Personally, I think Southwest Windpower rates their turbines at sea level, with straight air and optimum conditions. Unfortunately, those numbers may mislead...

    If you have consistently had 15mph windspeed averages, your power production does seem low. To me, you should be seeing 5+ kwh per day.