honda generator woes

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i have a friend who has a 5000 watt remote start honda and about a week ago the battery cables shorted out from vibration and burnt off the batteries but new cables and all seemed well. until he used it to charge thru the outback inverter the problem is the voltage is all over the place it will start around 130 then go down to like 100 when loaded then all of a sudden jump to like 160 or 180 and everything kicks out? is this sounding like a dealer repair or does anyone have past experience in this area?


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    Re: honda generator woes

    Don't want to discourage you, but a friend in my home town, has owned and operated a motor repair shop for about 30 years, repairing and rewinding everything from car alternators to huge 3 phase industrial motors. He hates the Honda Generators because of the comparatively very complex way they are wound etc. Because of this, he turns the Honda jobs away. Seems they make them very complex, just because they can. Sounds like a dealer only job.
    No one disputes the greatness of the higher end Honda engines, the problem is with the actual generator.
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    Re: honda generator woes

    Is the generator changing rpm during all these voltage spikes? If so it could just be something in the carburetor or the governor or who knows.
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    Re: honda generator woes

    no rpm is constant the honda dealer says it is most likely voltage regulator almost 300 bucks and labor to repair and diagnose be a 500 dollar repair looks like
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    Re: honda generator woes

    I've had numerous Honda generators (and still have a couple).

    The EMS4000 (or is it 3500?  dang, but a memory is a terrible thing to waste!)  that's a backup to my backup generator has had voltage regulator problems.  I've replaced it twice (and at $300 each it hurt).  Later on I found the voltage regulator WASN'T the problem although replacing it fixed the problem both times.

    This genset runs infrequently.... months if not years between times.  First indication of trouble when it's started:  voltage varying greatly, up to 200V.

    I'll not detail all the troubleshooting and repair attempts but just cut to the problem/ solution:

    It was the connectors to the voltage regulator.  Disconnecting and reconnecting them solves the problem.  Of course, changing the voltage regulator solves the problem because in the process of changing it, you must disconnect and reconnect the plugs.  Fortunately for me, I only threw away the first replaced voltage regulator.

    I can see no corrosion but there must be some.

    In your friend's case this probably won't apply but having had this situation myself I feel compelled to pass on this tidbit about Honda voltage regulators.

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