Wind Turbines?

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Do many of the forum members use wind turbines in conjunction with their solar and grid systems? I have not had a lot of luck with my wind turbines, too much wind in our area and most of the time they crater. I have an 24 vdc Air-X Marine 400 watt turbine that I just repaired, blades loosened up but I caught it before they were destroyed. I just don't know if it would be worth integrating it back into my system, especially with a new battery bank; risk vs. reward??
So what do I do:
1. Sell
2. Install
3. Save for the Apocalypse when the grid fails, may be a good barter item if this happens!!!


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    Re: Wind Turbines?

    4. Build your own?

    I personally do not think that off the shelf wind turbines are worth the effort. And DIY turbines are only worth the effort if you have the land, tall tower, and prevailing winds that make them worth the time and money(especially if those winds are when the solar irradiation is reduced--During winter up north, monsoon season, etc.). Plus you need to perform much of the maintenance yourself, unless you can justify costs for the crane/lift truck/etc. every year or so.

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    Re: Wind Turbines?

    Have you read through the wind section?
    A few people have turbines. Homemade ones tend to work better than commercial units because they are built by someone who has a vested interest in getting power out of them.

    Otherwise the failings are three:
    1). Not enough wind at the site to produce any practical power.
    2). Poor quality turbines with exaggerated output claims.
    3). Incorrect installation that would render even a good turbine useless.

    If you can address all those issues it's a go. On the whole it's not very practical though. The AirX turbines are notorious for exaggerated power claims and poor quality.

    We're it me I'd flog it for whatever I could get and put the money into something more likely to be useful.
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    Re: Wind Turbines?

    Been there, done that. Was really pretty and very relaxing to lay back in the tall grass and watch the wheels go round. But for producing power??? No. I got a bunch of usable power during a few of those tropical storms that come up the East Coast each fall, but the energy harvested, for some reason, wouldn't last until the next batch of such storms the following year. So after 2 years it came down, I gave away the blades etc, and have been using the alternator in my micro hydro system for almost 5 years now, so all was not lost and I consider it a learning experience.
    Beyond that, I have to agree with BB and Cariboocoot on their comments.
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    Re: Wind Turbines?

    I read some of the stuff in the wind section and it looks like most people have had the same experience as me and it is really not worth the effort. We get plenty of wind but I have not had a unit that would hold up for very long. I think I will stick to solar and grid and generator.
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