good idea/dumb idea

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i hope the picture transfers of this see through wonder that has no insulation. i'm referring to the refrigerator btw.
i put the link instead.


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    Re: good idea/dumb idea

    Great idea!

    If I had a transparent refer I could watch my leftover turky rot from across the room.

    Anyone who could afford one could probably afford to hire someone to keep it clean.
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    Re: good idea/dumb idea

    you noticed a woman designed this. they seem to have been frustrated at not seeing what all is in the frig so they made it see through with no insulation. it might save on opening the door to see what you're hungry for, but higher running costs for that luxury.
    you are right that you will see your food rotting and so will every guest that comes to your home. some women are so impulsive and non thinking that it amazes me at times. what's worse is they let some of them design and make that thing. this is not meant to insult women in general as it applies to the ones that did this to a refrig.. hey it may even lead to eating more as everytime you enter the kitchen you'll see all of the food. all of those reasons are why their good idea is a bad idea.
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    Re: good idea/dumb idea

    this is great neil, i like tcurrans response. can you spell financial disaster? i hope the pie in the sky design people behind this unit find themselves one day scrubbing a refrigerator.

    heres a good one: every one of you imagine if your current fridge was transparent. heheh. :|
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    Re: good idea/dumb idea

    According to one of the replies to the article these are mock ups. 
    "LD said...
    As Shari mentioned, these are transparent plastic mockups to demonstrate technologies and design. They do not function. The products on sale are standard white or colored no-see-through pieces of apparatus. There are no transparent household electronics. You don't know what you are writing about.

    11/24/2006 10:25:13 PM   "

    If the transparent models had two layer cabinets with a vacuum between, it would work better than a standard fiberglass polystyrene insulated fridge.  But I'll bet the power companies would assassinate the person that came up with that idea since they hate efficient quality products.  /s

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