Panel mounts with wind deflectors?

I'm getting ready to install solar pv panels on my roof. My roof is almost flat. I want to attach the mounts to my roof, because my roof is built on 2 ft engineered trusses and is very strong. I am trying to find a commercial mounting system that has wind deflectors. I designed a mounting system using unistrut (schematic below), but I now want to find a company that makes mounts with similar wind deflectors. Companies that sell mounting systems will usually provide wind load certifications that will help with getting code approval. I live in a suburb that is infamous for difficult code approvals.
Anyone know of companies that make mounting systems with wind deflectors?
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  • pleppikpleppik Solar Expert Posts: 62 ✭✭✭✭
    Re: Panel mounts with wind deflectors?

    I'm curious as to why you want to add a wind deflector to a standard rack. Are you concerned that the more common installation won't be strong enough in your situation?
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