Help Building My First PV System in Hawaii...

I've worked on solar systems at a couple of our houses, but this will be my first time buying and building one from scratch. I'm also looking to do solar hot water. Anyway, I'm not sure exactly how much power I need, but it's going to be a small system, less than 200w. My first question is about hybrid panels. Should I look into these? I'm outside of Hilo, one of the wettest cities in the US, and understand hybrid panels produce more than standard panels in cloudy conditions? Considering that I'm not pressed for space, are they still a good option? Do they come in 12v? What manufacturers make hybrid panels?
My second question is a little simpler, what features are important in a charge controller?


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    Re: Help Building My First PV System in Hawaii...

    go with whatever you prefer as i think the thin film and hybrids are a bit pricey. the only semi decent ones are the sanyo hit and hip series. again big money and like straight thin films, the hybrids also only have a 20yr waranty. you might want to get in touch with sodamo here on this forum as he is in ninole. i don't know how close that is to you, but we helped him through some of his concerns and his neighbors also use wind & sun too.
    i just looked both of your locations up. you better get in touch with him as you guys are like 10-20 miles apart from my best guess.
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    Re: Help Building My First PV System in Hawaii...

    Outside of Hilo - but which direction  :roll: :roll:
    You'd be most welcome to come see both my systems and I'll give you non technical answers to whatever I can.
    As Niel stated, I'm in Ninole, that between mm18-19 Hwy 19, mauka.

    10.04 KW panels
    3- FM80 CC
    4- FX3048T Inverters
    12 - 1350ah Rolls Surette 4v
    24kw generator (Chinese, built in Az)
    10kw MEP803A backup generator
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