Xw6048 Modbus access strange value

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im reading the xw6048 data using the conextbox and modbus protocol i can read almost all data fine except the voltages...
i mean
following the modbus reference for the xw6048 i have the main voltage at register 62 hex and it should be multiplied by 0.001

but strange that im reading at that address when voltage is correct at ~220v values between 36000 and 40000 so if follow the manual and multiply by 0,001 i got a voltage of 39v....

any one using the modbus protocol with the xw6048 ? if yes can you please read that data just to check if its reading fine ?
something with mine or general bug...

this happen with all AC voltages fields (grid, loads, etc)


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  • frank.thomsonfrank.thomson Registered Users Posts: 15
    Re: Xw6048 Modbus access strange value

    I see in your screenshot reading the values as a 2 byte unsigned integer, which is the reason you get those garbage values. Instead you should be reading it as a 32-bit value (2 registers).

  • fca1fca1 Solar Expert Posts: 124 ✭✭
    Re: Xw6048 Modbus access strange value

    thanks but not the problem i i read register 5E the same way and no problems...
    first answer from support was that some bug and the register is coming in hex so 38332HEX=230.194dec meaning 230.194v

    makes sense at first but im getting nevertheless strange results and not the correct voltage even in HEX ... a deeper BUg...
    but the first level of support has no clue what happening ...start to asking for logs .... the usual..... maybe im the only one using the modbus.. from the conextbox ;)
  • fca1fca1 Solar Expert Posts: 124 ✭✭
    Re: Xw6048 Modbus access strange value

    Solved afterwards the documentation is wrong (confirmed by support )
    The field should be read has 4byte swapped and not 4 byte.
    All 32bits registers should be read as 32bits or 4 byte but swapped ...
    That was the trick .. Hope they correct the manual but until there . ...
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