sunny boy 6000 US inverter question

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Have 24 solar world 255 Watt panels in to strings of 12 connected in series.. grid tied system..

commissioned system , rewire inverter to 208 after a error message , system worked great for 2 hours, shut it all down to check wire connections in A/c disconnect.. when i fired it back up now I get error code disturbance Vac L 2

voltage is to high or low on the indicated branch... one leg 129.9 other 131 .. system is tied into the Mexican electrical system... is this inverter that picky ?? how to fix worked great for two hours ??/ no tec help on week ends from SMA or arizona sun and wind.. Bummer


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    Re: sunny boy 6000 US inverter question

    Well yes grid-tie inverters are picky. They have a limited range of acceptable Voltage and frequency, and expect the Voltage to be the same on both 'legs'. Mexico supposedly uses the same V & F as the rest of North America, but local variations may be out of whack with the standard (due to transmission losses and other factors).

    If I were you I'd disconnect the inverter and check the power at your service panel first. If you do not have 230-240 VAC split evenly between L1-N-L2 then the inverter is not going to work. Especially if there is a difference in Voltage between the two lines to neutral (most likely caused by a defective service transformer). The Voltage itself can be compensated for to some extent in order to make up for line loss but I doubt an imbalance can be overcome.

    I have no idea why you would have set it for 208 VAC, which would be the standard used on one phase of a 3-phase service.
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