computer hard drives, power ratings

thows that for a spread?!? some use double the power!!


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    Re: computer hard drives, power ratings

    Wow, very interesting. This is good to know for upgrading a TiVo. They spin the HD 24x7 and if it's quiet you can hear it as well.

    Right now I have a caviar 300 gig in there looks pretty good for noise and power.
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    Re: computer hard drives, power ratings

    and in sort or related news..

    (oops, ya gotta login for the article), anyhow the headline is:
    Google to Push for More Electrical Efficiency in PC’s
    Published: September 26, 2006
    Google is calling on the computer industry to create a simpler and more efficient power supply standard.

    i read the article they want to have all internal pc components run off 12v directly (instead of a mix of existing 5v and 12v rails) to allow for more efficient power supplies.. that would be cool :)
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