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Well, this Saturday, I thought at-least I should have an idea where the "North Arizona" is, so I googled about map of United States and tried to figure our "North Arizona" there. I found "Arizona" but no "North Arizona". :(
I don't know, if now I am in need to look in the north of Arizona to find out "North Arizona" or should I put map on my north side and consider "Arizona" as North Arizona. :s

Last day, I was wondering and worrying that most of the world is still unaware of me. A local poet said this as "maal hai nayaab, pr aksar gaahak hain bekhabar" (Precious commodity is scarce, and most of the buyers are unaware) and I was dying to introduce myself, but despite reading forum main-page word by word, I was unable to find an introduction category.

Why....Why....why such thingi :(

I are technical people...and you prefer energy conservation...but this is not energy conservation. There should be a sub-forum for introduction of members.

And when I started to read posts containing solution to my problems, I wish I could thank this great person who helped me. but I have no way but to write "Thankyou" and add a scam post. :(
I think there should be a "Like" button (as on FB), so that I can like a post which I liked. And also there should be a "Thank you" button on post, so that I can thank you.

Just Suggestion. If it short circuit you or there is fear of over charging, then you can use a controller (edit/delete) on this post.




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    Re: Suggestion


    You are doing fine--No worries on our side.

    In the US/English, "Northern Aizona" is simply a modifier of the state of Arizona.

    Just like I live in Northern California (which always confused me as a young student since San Francisco Bay Area is in the "middle" of California--And "Central California is the "big valleys" the run north/south in the middle of the state and does not refer to the central coast region which is south of where I live).

    Our host is Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, which is in Flagstaff Arizona--Which is in the "northern 1/2" of the State of Arizona.
    Northern Arizona Wind & Sun - Electricity from the sun since 1979

    Northern Arizona Wind & Sun
    4091 E Huntington Drive, Suite B
    Flagstaff, AZ 86004
    Flagstaff office: (800) 383-0195 (928-526-8017)
    FAX Flagstaff: (928-527-0729)
    Office hours: 8 AM to 4 PM Arizona Time, Mon-Fri. Closed on most major (federal) holidays.
    Welcome To Our Online Store

    Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, Inc. has been selling and installing solar electric systems and components full time since 1979. Many of our first projects were installing 30 watt solar panels on hogans on the Navajo reservation, where the nearest power line was often 50 miles away, and so was the nearest paved road. The company was incorporated in 1984. Our sales have grown steadily over the past few years, and we are now one of the largest solar retailers in the US. We have installed and sold thousands of PV power systems for communications, cathodic protection, remote home sites, water pumping, telemetry, and RV and battery maintenance systems. We carry a complete line of photovoltaic equipment for industrial and home systems.

    A little history...

    Northern Arizona Wind & Sun is a family owned business. Our family has been in Arizona since 1885, aside from a few excursions overseas in WW2 and Vietnam. Most of that has been in the Grand Canyon area, and many of the old timers contributed to the history (and some made history) of that area. We recently turned over nearly all of our family historical material, documents, photos etc. to the University of Northern Arizona. Quite a bit of it is now available on the internet - there is a lot a material, including letters and diaries from Edith Bass, one of the first women to live at the Grand Canyon, and the first white woman to have a child at Grand Canyon. NAU Special Library

    Which is not be confused with the states of North and South Dakota--Which are two separate states. As are North/South Carolina two different states.

    And Virgina and West Virgina which are two states and Virgina is east/south of West Virgina.

    Regarding introductions--I will move it to the General Solar Forum.

    There is a reason we don't have a "cafe"--Our host is a retail/wholesale business and they are concerned that if we had "wide ranging" conversations that included politics and such, that it could alienate readers and potential customers (and make the forum more difficult to moderate).

    So, in general, we try to keep it to a technical forum--It also makes it easier to search/find answers to questions too.

    A hint for easier searches in the forum... Try Google with the "" tag... That will allow you to use natural language searches and limit it to the forum. I use it all the time rather than the forum search engine (you need to know the key words you are searching for--A bit more difficult if you do not know the English/technical terms). Here is an example:

    Solar Water Pumping VFD

    You can use quotes ("") to better filter your search results... I.e., "Solar Panel" can return different results vs Solar Panel (two separate words). Also you can use +pump to "include" results with "pumps" or use -pump to exclude results with the word "pump".

    Take care,
    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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