Insulation in summer

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I just insulated my propane tank, is it o.k. to leave insulated over the summer? it gets hot here- 110'F high.
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    Re: Insulation in summer

    Why would you insulate a propane tank (unless you routinely see -30 or so)? A proper tank will provide for proper expansion space for hot weather. That's why you never fill a tank more than 80%

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    Re: Insulation in summer

    I am not sure--But would not insulating a propane tank with vapor feed be counter productive?

    The tank "boils" off propane gas and needs heat transfer from the outside air/sun/dirt. If you insulate, the tank will simply boil off and cool down until it can no longer develop sufficient pressure.

    The problem is not that the outside air temperature is cooling the tank, it is that there is not heat flow from the outside (because it is so cold) to "warm the tank" as the gas boils off.

    Insulating the tank (and lines) while providing some sort of heating (heat tape for propane tanks, explosion proof light fixture, etc.) would help--I think...

    Insulation will help, temporarily, against a sudden cold snap (i.e., a 0C tank with snow piled up against it)--As long as the amount of gas pulled off is not so great as the substantially cool off the thank. (or if the generator pulls liquid gas and uses a vaporizer on the engine).

    Hopefully your gas supplier (if he is used to working in cold climates) can help.

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    Re: Insulation in summer

    I agree that insulation would be counter-productive with a propane tank. I have never seen that done.
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    Re: Insulation in summer
    techntrek wrote: »
    I agree that insulation would be counter-productive with a propane tank. I have never seen that done.
    You would want to insulate the tank ONLY if you also put in a thermostatically controlled heater because the ambient temperature is just too low to feed your load(s).

    Using liquid withdrawal and vaporizing the propane inside is another possibility.
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