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Hi Guys..
Looking for a low/high voltage cut-off board with relay. I lost the link previously found on this site..Please help ...Thanks....


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    Re: Need link for this...

    This one?
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    You are correct that many an inverter's LVD is set too low. Most inexpensive 12 Volt inverters will go on down to 10.5 Volts, for example.

    The best solution is to buy a better inverter that has a programmable LVD. You are going for a 24 Volt system, which opens up the possibilities of using perhaps an Outback 3524. Setting the LVD to nominal system Voltage pretty much precludes drawing batteries too low.

    Adding such a safety afterwards is not easy. Yes, you can get programmable Voltage controlled relay drivers: The thing is, for controlling an inverter you need a relay capable of handling substantial current. And of course the extra circuitry uses extra power.

    Here is another one:

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    Re: Need link for this...
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    Actually it is neither...the one i need is a pc board with onboard relay and is configured as either a high or low voltage cut out...then the relay switches back when current drops /or raises to preset levels...
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