Whisper 200 High Voltage vs Whisper 200 24 volt

If you had both turbines at the same 12mph site, with short wire runs--and connected to identical  24 volt battery banks, would the high voltage unit outperform the low voltage unit enough to justify the added cost?  Wind s-2, please give us your take on this as well.   For those of you unfamiliar with these models, the high voltage turbine utilizes a transformer to step the voltage down to low voltage--for battery charging.


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    Re: Whisper 200 High Voltage vs Whisper 200 24 volt

    The high voltage unit is made to go into a grid tie inverter(wild A/C). If you want to use the high voltage unit like you want to, you need to buy a controller (dump load) and transformer. I know the tranformer is like $1,000. So the transformer and controller additional cost will not justify any added output, unless you have long wire runs from tower to end point.
    Background: I purchased the grid tie system (whisper 200HV and WindyBoy inverter) for around $4,000. It is sitting in my garage for months now and I was going to post for some ideas so this is a good time for me to chime in I guess. I was going to go grid tie but got discouraged because of inspections, local probs, etc ( could always go gorilla grid tie?). The shipping costs to return the unit convinced me to keep it. Now looking into how I can make this charge my battery bank I learned what I need - a whisper controller and transformer. How could that transformer cost so much?
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    Re: Whisper 200 High Voltage vs Whisper 200 24 volt

    I assume the output from the "high voltage" unit is 3 phase AC.
    What is the voltage and amps / watts?
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    Re: Whisper 200 High Voltage vs Whisper 200 24 volt

    The HV model is (was - don't think it is available anymore with the new Skystream coming out) for grid tie inverters.

    Could also be used with the Outback MX60 supposedly, but there were some "issues".

    We always tried to steer people away from it, as we heard some customer complaints about it, would occasionally spike up to over 300 volts. You could use the 48 volt model with an MX60 for less drop.
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